Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Anthony's Home!!

Sorry it has taken me so long to check in. Last week SUCKED!! Anthony was suppose to be getting home Wednesday night. They pushed it back to Thursday morning then that night. Finally they told him he would be coming home early Friday morning. Well I got sick Friday with allergies and He did not make it home till 4:00pm. We got around and managed to leave by 6:00 pm going to Tuscaloosa.
We had an amazing weekend though!! The guys & girls from USM Ultimate came over for a tournament. They lost all of their games but it was a fun time. Anthony has been walking around like an old man for two days now!! Its quite funny really 'cause he is tell me to slow down!! I didn't work yesterday afternoon so we got to spend some time together yesterday. We went to price windows for our house. We are anticipating a large tax refund so we are pricing and seeing how much it will cost to put new windows in our house. It is not quite as expensive as I had thought. The installations is almost as much as the windows themselves. We have so much going on this week it is crazy. I can't wait for a nothing weekend!!
We are going this weekend to see Corey Smith in concert!!! :) I am so excited about that. I am taking Quinn shopping Saturday for a HOT! outfit! Her and Stephen are going with Anthony and I to the concert! Robin and Coleen are going to keep the little ones for them so they can have a fun night! I will be sure to post our fun pictures!
Two weeks really does not seem like that long after being gone for six weeks. I can't wait for Anthony to get Primerica rolling so that we can get him home full time! It's terrible having him away from home all the time. I say all the time cause he's gone more than he's home. :( Enough of those thoughts! I'm going to upload some Frisbee pictures but you can see them all on my facebook page.
They are so Handsome!!!
This is the USM Ultimate Team!! GO Gold!!

Elliot got to play in the College Frisbee Tournament too!!