Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Corey Smith Concert!!!

How is everyone? I have been busy busy busy! Anthony is very social so we have been visiting and seeing people nearly every day since he's been home. It is very tiring. But I got to have some fun this past weekend. I absolutely love Corey Smith. He just has a new and edginess to his songs. He usually comes to Hattiesburg on Sundays and because I am not a college student and must work I can't attend. I found out that he was going to be in Tuscaloosa on a Saturday!! I jumped at the opportunity and IMMEDIATELY called Quinn and got the plans going for her & Stephen to go with me. We didn't think Anthony would be home but as it got closer it worked out where he could. The plan was to have a couple night out and just be fun 20 something year olds! Anthony had a meeting in Hattiesburg on Saturday morning and Stephen was here too. So I drove to AL Friday after work so that Quinn and I could go shopping for a HOT outfit for her! Which I didn't get a picture of her in :( The boys were going to drive up Saturday in time to meet us at the club.

Saturday morning was okay (some mom was in a bad mood). We got up and went over to Robin's for breakfast (lunch ha ha). Quinn wanted to get her hair cut and highlighted but didn't like the lady that Robin goes to so.... Me, Robin, Quinn, Coleen, Elliot, Addy & Isaiah dropped Elliot off @ soccer practice and the rest of us hit the mall. We got Quinn's hair cut which looks fabulous!!! We found her some great pants @ New York & Company but we ran out of time for a shirt. We were going to see what me and her had at her house then get something before the show if we couldn't find anything, which we couldn't. As we were getting things together Saturday, Quinn comes up with the idea that we should be single that night. At first I was a little unsure about it but the more I thought about it the more I liked it. Well we got ready and Robin drove us to get Quinn a shirt. We were both smoking hot!! When we got to the bar, we got in line and got a drink and we walking around sipping on them. You see we didn't "know" Anthony and Stephen so we were just walking around talking waiting on Corey Smith to take the stage. Well I guy came up to us and asked us if we wanted to take some shots with them. I looked at Quinn and she shrugged her shoulders so I turned back to the guy and said sure. It was fun! We took one shot with them and talked just a few mins then left them to walk around the bar. It was great! Something we had never done before and completely safe cause we knew who our go home with guys would be!! HA HA Well Anthony & Stephen got there and we played a little hard to get!! They bought us a drink and we talked then the concert started!!! I have to say that that was the BEST Concert I have been to. It was so much better than the time he was in Hattiesburg! But we ended the night at Waffle House!!

I don't know if any of you play World of War Craft or know anything about it but I got hooked while Anthony was away. It is amazing and I hadn't played in a while because of our busy busy social life this last week. Well, I got Anthony hooked too!! HA HA We stayed up till 11 0'clock last night playing that game and He started playing again this morning. I wanted to stay and watch him. I love it because I am a head of him and can teach him. Usually it's the other way around and I'm sure he will beat me before long!!

Also as a side note. It has been brought to my attention that my last blog may have made some of you uncomfortable. I'm sorry and I will try to refrain from telling too much but this is MY blog.



  1. some mom was in a bad mood huh!!!!! ya'll were dragging and acting like you had all day to do stuff! It was fun though and I still think ya'll have lost your minds!