Monday, February 16, 2009

Babies on the brain AGAIN!!

I know I know that some of you (Robin) think that I obsess about babies and having one. I really don't I just think about it a lot. I really want to know all there is to know about raising babies. I don't want to screw my children up and they blame all their problems on me when they become adults!! HA HA No really it just fascinates me all the things that are out there and the new ideals. Here are my thoughts so far, as you all know me the these are subject to change at any given moment!! I would like your feedback on them, rather positive or negative, and your experiences.

First, I will start with the birth. Now I want to give birth in a birthing center instead of a hospital. It is still medical advanced however no major medical interventions are available unless requested. Meaning I want to have a natural birth w/o drugs ie. Epidural. I do not want an IV unless absolutely necessary. I want to have a whirlpool as an option for pain management and I want to be able to freely move around and deliver in the position that I feel the most natural and best for me. I want the birthing center close to a hospital in case of an emergency. Finding a birthing center has been the problem. Seems that MS has not caught on to this natural birthing movement yet. I will keep looking though. I just feel that in a hospital all my wishes will not be able to be met and I don't want something done because it is medical protocol.

Next come my diapering decision. I have researched and decided that I would like to use cloth diapers instead of disposable ones. I know you all are thinking GROSS!! Not really. Cloth diapers have come a LONG way since our grandmothers and mothers were doing it. They make contour cloth diapers that are actually shaped like the disposable diapers with a sewn in extra absorbent strip in the wet area. You put them inside of diaper covers and would just use them like disposables. Now the first few months all poop is liquid so there is no rinsing, unless you want to. Just throw them in the wash. The reason I am doing it is because on average you are going to spend about $2500 on diapers the first 3 years per child unless potty trained earlier. With Cloth Diapers you will spent between $400 - $1500 for all children. That is a major savings.

Last is something I haven't fully decided on and probably won't until we have the child. Breastfeeding. I would love to breastfeed but just not sure if it is right for me. I want to be able to give my child the best nutrients but don't know if i could do the baby on the boob only thing. I thought about strictly pumping and bottle feeding breast milk. But I've heard that sometimes you don't produce enough milk and I would still have to strictly nurse the first few weeks anyway. I don't really want to do formula but will if i have to. I know I can do a combination of the two. You see to me the natural thing to do is bottle feed a baby. With the exception of Quinn that is the only way i have ever seen babies feed. That is the only way I have fed babies and I want Anthony to enjoy the experience of feeding his children too. It not just a bonding time for mom and baby but it needs to be that way for dad too. Or at least that's what i think.

Anyways give me your thoughts on this...


  1. As far as "natural" drug-free birth goes, that is a personal decision. I have certainly seen some women do very well with no pain meds, but it takes a very determined person! I had a scheduled c-section and thought my birth experience was I am probably not the best one to ask about natural birth! If I had delivered vaginally, I feel quite sure I would have chosen an epidural. After being a nurse, I can say 100% that I would never, ever give birth outside of a hospital. I have seen too many things go wrong that had the patient been not in the hospital, she and/or baby would probably have died. Scary.

    Cloth diapers, not my thing. I think they are so adorable and cute, but in the beginning with a newborn there are way too many things too worry about besides washing diapers! But, once again, I do have friends that really enjoyed using the cloth diapers, at least part-time. We used 7th generation brand...they are dye and chemical free.

    I think that you need to choose the feeding method that is most comfortable to you, even if that is formula feeding and don't feel bad about it. You and your baby will be fine! Rosalyn had nothing but formula from 6 weeks on and she is extremely healthy, ahead in every area developmentally, and super attached and bonded to me in every way. Breastfeeding longer would not have made our relationship any better or closer than it is now. Do not feel guilty if breastfeeding does not work out! I did enjoy nursing for those first few weeks, but in the end we had to switch and we are all perfectly fine. Although I fed Rosalyn 95% of the time even when bottlefeeding, it was nice to let Jason occasionally feed her.

    Remember all of the above is just my opinion!!

  2. yes you are obsessed! ha ha...... you will drive me and Anthony crazy when you do get pregnant wont' you? ;) I love you Karen. I can't wait for you to make these decisions in earnest! I am very glad that you are thinking about things and planning them. Just listen to what Jenn said and don't feel like you have failed if something doesn't work the way you had planned it. All babies just like all grown-ups have their own agendas and what we think will work may not!

  3. Yes I know. As a said above my plan are subject to change. I do feel that a birthing center is a safe place to give birth however I will not try the whole homebirth thing. That is way to unsafe for me!! but thank you both for your opinions it means a lot to me!

  4. the idea of a birthing center is sort of a good one on paper, but in my opinion the risks far outweigh the conveniences. I teach classes on this very thing and a lot of the college students seem to like the idea of the birthing center at first, until they realize the disadvantages and the medical risks. I believe the reason births starting occuring more often at hospitals is because of the modern technologies of the medical world... parents wanted to use the medical technology and give their children the medical attention if needed... that's what gives the hospital an advantage. Many hospitals allow you to have guests and choose how you want to handle actual delivery. They do not require pain medication or anesthesia or whatever if you don't want it. Most hospitals are very "not hospital like" now when it comes to labor & delivery. With both of my children, the hospital was more like a hotel... lots of conveniences right in my room, and I never had the leave the room or be separated from my baby at all. However, if you can find a birthing center, I'd recommend that you check to make sure they are accredited. Have you considered a doula? Maybe that would help. I have a friend who is a doula... but she is living in California now. But I could give you her contact info if you'd like to ask questions.
    Ok, the diapers. I know several people who have used cloth diapers and the Fuzzy Bunz ones specifically. These are the things that I have observed in others, that you may want to consider: 1. travel... when you have a messy cloth diaper, and you are not at home, it can be quite messy to store it until you can get home and wash. 2. time... the cloth diapers are a little more time consuming. You'll have lots and lots to do with a little one around, especially if you'll be a working mom... you'll just need to consider how much time you'll want to devote to diapers. Disposables are more convenient (as far as time & travel goes) but they are a little more expensive. So, that, too is a personal opinion. I'm just sorta playing the Devil's advocate and pointing out some other things to consider, based on my own experiences and observations. the decision is, ultimately, up to you and Anthony. That's the fun part of having babies... you get to call the shots now. And, you can always try something and if you don't like it, go for option B! There is definitely no parent's manual and no two children are alike. What works for one child and/or family, doesn't necessarily work for others.