Wednesday, June 23, 2010

getting busy!

Well Anthony came home on Thursday. We have been very busy! He had to take a nap yesterday! I have been taking Child preparation classes the last three weeks. They have been very helpful understanding what the hospital allows and doesn't allow for labor. We also got to see the Labor and Delivery Floor. Its all very nice! We also took a Coaches Corner class but didn't really learn anything and a Baby Care Class but didn't learn much in it either. Luckily for us the classes are offered through the hospital for free! I am scheduled to take a breastfeeding class next Monday and that will be the last of my classes. We have a funeral this Friday to go to in Brookhaven. My uncle pasted away from heart failure this past Sunday. We also have a family dinner Saturday night with Aunt Betty Carol. Then Sunday, we have our last shower. We have been putting final touches on the nursery as well as cleaning clothes and bottles.

I have had my last "belly" appointment last Thursday. I was at 33 weeks I weighed 143 lbs, bp 93/59, Jordyn's HB 157 and measured 34 cm. I just keep growing! Jordyn is quite active even without me drinking caffeine so I have cut back on my caffeine consumption lately. I have another appointment on Monday afternoon. This will be a vaginal visit as will the rest be. We are going to check my iron, where the baby is and some other things. I will then start going to the dr weekly. We have talked about doing some natural induction techniques early in the week before I am due. This is because she is going on vacation the day before I am due. I have started having Braxton Hicks contractions. So we are down to the finish line. I just hope everything will come together before she gets here. I am so bad at procrastinating!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tired Tired Tired!

We went this past weekend to Texas to visit family! We had a great time! We got to see a lot of Anthony's family. We met our newest cousins, Elaina and Caroline! They are so sweet! I was just amazed at how small their feet are! We were so busy! We left Hattiesburg at 6 am Friday morning and got to Jennifer's in Baytown, TX about 1 or 2 pm. Anthony and I then drove another hour to Humble, TX to look at a vehicle. We couldn't make a deal on it so we drove back to Baytown. We got to Aunt Andrea's about 7:30 Friday night. The next morning we got to sleep in but my sleeping in is not really sleeping in. We got up about 8 am. We had breakfast then the boys, Alan & Anthony, went golfing, while the girls, Kelsey and I, went to hold babies!!! We went to Hobby Lobby and Starbucks! Sunday was a pretty relaxing day. We ate and swam and that's all! We did get in a little baby holding time. Oh yeah! While the boys were golfing, Anthony jumped off into the pond to get a club that Alan threw in there! Now doesn't that sound like Anthony!!! Addy learned to float on the floaty by herself as well on this trip! Normally someone has to be holding on to her or she gets scared! Monday was the drive back home. It felt like we rode FOREVER!!! We left about 10 am and got home about 6:30-7:00 pm. Quinn and the kids still had a 3 hour drive after that and didn't get home till almost 10:30 pm.

Yesterday, we did a little car shopping and grass cutting... Okay Elliot and Anthony cut grass while I rested! ;) We did find a car for Anthony yesterday afternoon. It was too late to do any paper work that day. We got up this morning and finished all the paperwork and got the car. It is a 2005 Pontiac Grand AM GT, red of course. It is a nice car and Anthony really likes it so that is all that matters. Seems like everything lately wears me out!

I had my 31 week appointment today. Everything was good. Jordyn's HB was 156. I have gain 4lbs since last time, must be all the good cooking Aunt Andrea did this weekend. My belly has also grown a cm since last time, so I am at 145 lbs and 30 cm. I have two more belly appointments and then we go to weekly vaginal appointments. Dr. Kot said everything is looking good. She did tell me that she is going out of town on the 30th of July, so we will scrap the membranes at the appointment before that to hopefully naturally induce. We will probably have to induce labor if she hasn't come before the 30th of July. Dr. Kot didn't say that but that is what I assumed cause I don't want another doctor delivering Jordyn. If that is the case, then I will have the epi. I am going to be very busy the month of June with baby classes and showers but then I have the whole month of July to rest!

Left: Elaina Right: Caroline


Anthony's New Car