Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great Weekend!!

Anthony came home this past weekend and we had a great time together! It was one of those weekends that we got to spend a lot of time together just the two of us which is something that we had been needing. Lately, our weekends have been filled with traveling and spending time with family. During the week, I have so much school work today we don't get much quality time together. Friday, we went home to BC for a funeral of a friend and then visited with Granddaddy. It was good... I like spending time out in the country it is very refreshing.

Saturday, was had an adventure in itself. Every time that Anthony is home we try to go to Shoney's for breakfast but its really crowded. So we decided that Saturday we would just wait and eat there anyway!! It was not as great as I remember as a kid!! Anthony and I then went to Jackson. We were going to look for baby furniture. Well Anthony wanted to make sure that we saw every store that had baby furniture. So I got on my phone and used google map to find baby furniture stores. After google maps sent us to a residence TWICE! He let me just go to Play Pen!!! We had not intended to actually buy any furniture just look and maybe put a downpayment on it. When we got to Play Pen, I found the crib that I had been looking at. It was even better than I could have imagined!! The great thing about it is that it came with a 6 drawer dresser for $675. It was not the changing station that I wanted but for that price we couldn't pass it up. So we bought the crib and dresser that day. Because we were in my car, the store is going to hold it for us till Anthony gets home next time and can get it! That means I only have a little over three weeks to finish cleaning the nursury and figure out where to put it all!!!

I am getting a little better handle on school work. I think I am getting a cold so I've gotten some tylenol cold to take. This weather has just been crazy! I am going to try to find time this weekend to register for some baby things and also do some registering in Brookhaven. Then again I may wait until after we find out that way I know colors to pick out. Yeah that might be best.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cribs and such

Okay so I know I just posted a blog but this is totally a different subject! Much happier!! So while I was in AL this weekend, I went on my own looking for baby furniture! I really just wanted to see what was out there for babies now. I do like convertable cribs but don't really plan to convert it for a while, but we all know how my plans go!! haha Anyways the thing I don't like about convertable cribs is the fact that they don't let down in the front. I know this is okay for normal height mothers but come on I am SHORT!!! They come above my waist and even at the highest setting I still have to stand on my toes. I don't feel comfortable doing that and the babies I usually put in them end up waking up because I'm too short to put them in the crib right. There have been so many recalls on drop front cribs that most people are not caring them anymore. :( Sooo, I have found a new type of crib!!! It is called a drop-gate crib. This is where about 6-9 inches for the front panel will let down. It is secured with metal latches so the baby can not undo it or push down or push it in any way. This helps me because then once it is down it comes a few inches below my hips!!

This is the one that I am looking at but of course Anthony needs to look at it too and then price check around!

This is the changing station! I love this piece!

Anthony gets home this Thursday and we are going to go to Jackson Saturday and look at baby's r us and the play pen there to see what we can afford and like.

Valentine's Day! - Bittersweet!

Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day filled with happiness and love. It’s kinda a bittersweet day for me now. My baby would have been a year old on Valentine's Day this year! I don't let it consume me but anyone who has lost a child you think about it! You think about that child and all the hopes and dreams you had for it!

This year I choose to spend Valentine's Day with my sweet babies, Addy & Isaiah! They are so sweet! I love visiting with them. I knew that going to visit them would keep me from becoming consumed with my own lost. You can't help but smile when you’re around Isaiah and Addy goodness she's so busy you don't have time for anything else!!

When I married Anthony, I knew I was getting a great guy. One that I would and never find again in a million years! I didn't know that I would be getting a family that is just as great! They never stop making me feel special! Last Valentine's day Robin did it with a card! She wrote Anthony and me such an encouraging note. We were beginning to try to have children, and she said in her note "I am so excited for the next few years in your lives. You are going to begin your family over the next year and the idea of a little Anthony in my world makes my heart skip a beat in joy. I can't wait to see the grandchild that God will give us by you!" It really helped me get through the holiday last year. This year Stephen helped with his card! Over the past 6 months Stephen and I have gotten to know each other better and he really has become like a brother to me. He said in his card "I am so glad to have you as my loving sister, a wonderful "Aunt Lulu" to my children, a best friend to my wife, & a best friend to me." See how great this family is!!!

This holiday is about love and it comes in many different forms! I am so thankful for all my families! Sometimes they can drive you crazy but they will always love you!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2nd Dr. Appointment!

So today's appointment went well. It was a short visit. She just went over my list of questions and concerns and got the heartbeat. I had not gained any weight since the last appointment, which she said was okay at this point, my blood pressure was 98/63, and the baby's heartbeat was 166. She had some trouble finding it, little bean was hiding!!, but got it once she pressed on my belly. She told us that next appointment we would have an ultrasound and try to see what the baby is.

She wanted to do the ultrasound then right after the appointment. We had some problems with this because when Anthony gets home it would be 5 weeks since my last appointment and Dr. Kot will be out all that week. So that would push it to the next week, but I was not comfortable waiting 6 weeks between appointments. I was almost a nervous wreck waiting 5 I knew I could not wait 6 weeks. So Anthony and I came home and talked about it. It was not the fact that I didn't want Ant there, because I do. But I felt that the most important thing was the health of the baby opposed to our feeling or anything else. We did work out a compromise though. I will have my office appointment on March 10th with Dr. Kot. Then on March 15th, we will have the ultrasound done so that Ant could be there. I will post pictures and the video, if I can figure that out, after the next appointment.

Other news, not much is going on. I am still going to school and trying to keep up with all the assignments. Anthony is still working offshore and loving it! I will get a break from school coming soon!!! Next week, Mon & Tues, is Mardi Gras break! Not that I will be enjoying the festivities but I will be enjoying my break. Still not sure what I will be doing though. I think I will head to AL and deliver some Valentine Happys to my favorite two people!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Not much Going on!

I'm not as terribly behind posting as I usually am!! haha! I will have a little more time now. Since the last post, I have started school! I know that this will be a good thing for me to do but gosh, I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to go back. We have had a lot of work and it has been hard for me to adjust to. I was trying to work as well as go to school. I was only working 16 hours but I couldn't seem to keep those many hours. I was so tired I would fall asleep at 5 in the afternoon! So I decided, after missing a few assignments, that I could not handle it all. The job was not bringing in any money other than a little extra spending money for me, so I decided to quit. This was a decision Anthony and I made together. If I was not pregnant, I would have just pushed myself and done it all; because I am we didn't want me pushing myself too much. So I am now a full time student!

I love my classes, most of them! I don't really care for the science class just because the teacher is a little off. I am taking a Special Ed class that I love! I think I like this class so much because it hits home a lot more than other classes. Growing up my dad, my sister and I, to a slighter degree, had learning disorders that were never really diagnosed and dealt with. My nephew also will need special education because of his cerebral palsy. I am taking Trig which is proving to be a little difficult simply because I have not had a real math since 2004! I am also taking Language Arts and Developmentally Appropriate Practices. I thought I would be able to ease back into classes but it was not like that. The teachers started first day and we have not stopped since. The computer is used a lot more now. Most homework and assignments are submitted through the internet. The campus has changed some too and it has all taken some adjusting.

I am trying to make myself meet and get involved with the people in my classes. I lot of them are young but not all of them. I know that sounds funny but I'm a good 5 years older than them and in different area of my life then most of them as well. The good thing is I will have classes with these girls till I graduate!

Update on the pregnancy!!! I am feeling much better! I am 14 weeks and 4 days!! I go back to the doctor on the 9th of Feb. Anthony will be home for that appointment. I am hoping that Dr. Kot will schedule us for an ultrasound so we can find out what we're having. Anthony wants to be here for it but unless they can schedule it the next week (very doubtful), it will have to be around March 12 before we can get it done and Ant be here. I am going to talk to him and see if I can call him while I am there and just find out like that. He is being a little stubborn with it though. I just don't think I could or should what that long to get an ultra sound but it would put me about 20 weeks. I don't know. I will find out next week and let you guys know!!

Something else I forgot to tell ya, Lucy may have found a new home! Not that we were trying to get rid of her. I stayed one weekend with the In-Laws and left Lucy with Robin & Ian while I stayed with Quinn & Stephen. They fell in love with Lucy and wanted to keep her. So when we left AL this past weekend, we left Lucy there. So she maybe living with LaLa & Papa from now on!