Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Going to the Dr soon!!!

So I am really really excited about getting to set up a Dr appointment. Anthony and I sat down last night and figure out his health benefit package. What would be the best for us and all that. Well from what I understand, his benefits should start next Saturday. If they do not start Saturday then they will start by March 1st. If you don't already know this is big news and means a lot!!!

First, this means that I can set an appointment for an OB-GYN for a preconception exam. This will get the necessary test and all that the Dr. will need to better serve us. Second, it means that we are going to be one more step closer to becoming parents!!! And lastly, it means that this pregnancy will be carefully monitored with out the worry of how are we going to come up with the money if something goes wrong!

Right now I just have to find someone I like. I loved the Dr. I had before but the problem is that she does not deliver and I'm not sure I am comfortable delivering with a Dr. I have never met. Then again it may not even matter. I have been thinking of going to a Dr. in Jackson but again still not sure if I want to drive the 1:15 min to go to the Dr and deliver. There are so many options to consider as well. I think right now I am just going to concentrate on improving my health and making sure everything is in order for when the Dr. gives the okay to start trying.

I am going to do what ever the Dr. thinks is best. I had not wanted to do the whole "lets just try one more time and see if you carry to term" thing. I have heard so many stories of women who have had miscarriages and then when on to have healthy babies. If the Dr thinks we need to do some testing first than that is fine but if she thinks that we should just try again then I'll do that as well. I feel like we are ready now. Maybe not 100% but who is really ready 100%? It use to be all about getting pregnant and being pregnant that I wanted. It is so not about that anymore. I want to have a child that I can teach, love and bring up in the way of the Lord to do great and mighty things in this world. I believe that this is my purpose in life!

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