Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anthony's Home!

Okay so as you can tell from the title Anthony is home! He got in on Thursday night. Once again, my plans got messed up but for the better this time!! I need to back track a little bit for this story. Last weekend, 4/11, I was cleaning out our saltwater aquarium and scratched my knuckle on the rock. I didn't think anything about it just washed it off and kept going. Well this past Wednesday, it was really sore and itching. I thought, well it'll go away. Thursday morning when I woke up it was really hurting. I could not even wash my hair. I debated on going to the doctor or not but decided to go ahead so if it was something major I would not have to miss the trip to the river. It ends up being infected and the doctor prescribes me an antibiotic, doxycycline. Anthony and I were suppose to start trying to have a baby this time that he is in. Well the doctor was real concerned and wanted to make sure I was not pregnant. I was not and did not think to tell him we would going to start trying next week. The doctor told me not to go back to work till Monday. I decided then that I would surprise Anthony. You see the plan was for him to go straight to the river and I would meet him there after I got off work on Friday. I was really excited and all. After I got the med. it said on the bottle not to take if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant or breastfeeding. This concerned me so I called the doctor and left a message. No one had called me back by 5:30 so I called them back. The Dr's nurse was a little rude and said well you have to have the med for you hand call your ob. I couldn't get my ob on Thursdays so all day Friday we played phone tag because of bad reception at the river. I finally got in touch with her, well her nurse. The nurse asked another doctor and they said it would be fine. I looked up on the Internet and this particular antibiotic is in the category that says do not take unless not other med will work. So we have decided not to risk it and just try the next time Anthony is home. I still don't think the med is working but that is another story for another time.

I wanted to tell you guys how I surprised Anthony Thursday night! It was so great! I didn't tell him that I was riding with Field to the river Thursday night. Field and I got to the river around 5 or 6. We dropped our stuff off, dealed with some construction people, and then went to walmart & lowes. It took us so long that we actually passed Anthony on the way back. He did not realise it was us so we sped (very safely) to the house! We ended up beating him there but only because he got lost twice! oh sorry he got turned around twice! ;) Well I was waiting and waiting and waiting at the mail box and he never did come. So I walked up to the house, went in, got a beer for him, and was opening the garage door when he pulled up! He was so surprised! he absolutely loved it! We had a fun weekend hanging out with friends and pulling up carpet!

We are leaving Friday at lunch time to go to Destin, FL! So that should be a lot of fun! We will be there till Monday come back work Tuesday & Wednesday and then leave Thursday morning @ 4am to go to CO! I am really looking forward to the CO trip because it will be alot of quality time with Anthony! oh yeah and Lucy!!! She is doing much better but I don't think she likes day care all that much. At least not as much as Andrea's house or Field's!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So I knew what I was getting into when we got Lucy. But to my defense, I had not had a dog in 4 years and I forgot about all the chewing and hyperness they brought with them. I was remembering our 10 year old dog that was so content to lay in your lap. Not our 1 year old that wouldn't leave you alone. Our dogs as kids did have more room to roam and play and weren't kept inside all day with no one to play with. Lucy must be finishing teething because it seems like she is chewing and eating on everything! I have banned her from the sunroom because she tore the carpet up one night last week. She got mad because I put her to bed at 8. Well I was sick and didn't want to put her in the kennel so early in the night after being in it all day. She also chewed through a wire in one of the lights for the fish aquarium. She has been staying in her kennel in the dinning room. Last night she cried every two hours, that really high pitch cry. I know she is miss behaving like this because she is bored. Oh she also was eating a dollar bill that was on the coffee table. we got it away from her and was going to put it back together after it dried. Before it could dry, she at the corner that she had torn off earlier. I put the money up in my purse. My purse was on the floor and I never expected her to go in my purse. She did she went in my purse got another dollar bill and ate nearly all of it while I was in the shower this morning. I really don't know what to do with her. We don't have a fence so I can't let her outside during the day. Andrea has offered to let me bring her over in the mornings and play with their dog. There is also a doggie daycare here that is $15 a day. I was thinking I may do that twice a week. I really don't know what to do. I know she is not getting enough exercise. The easy and cop out thing the to do is take her back to the shelter but I don't want to do that. I already love her and would miss her greatly. She's just so aggravating!!! Any advice?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

rush, rush, rush!

I knew that the next month and half was going to be a busy one I just didn't realize how busy! I am preparing for Anthony to get home all the while trying to plan all our trips that have popped up. So many things are getting changed around and I am so stressed!

I was suppose to go to the Strawberry Festival last weekend but a Frisbee Tournament came up so that got canceled. I also learned last week, that Stephen and Quinn were spending Easter with the Davis' at the beach. So I went to AL last weekend to do Easter. After a very tiring weekend, I came home and have been resting.

This weekend, I am going to spend some me time at the house working on my yard! I am going to Bogue Chitto on Sunday to see Nannie and whatever other family I can see. Maybe this will giving me some time to get ready for the next three weeks with Anthony home. Whenever he is home, I don't get much rest because it is always go, go, go.

Anthony is getting home April 16th. He was going to go straight to Granddaddy's and I was going to meet him on Friday the 17th. Our friend, Field, is having a crawfish boil at his river house that weekend to get help moving some furniture. I got Anthony to agree to go! It is always fun when we go out there. Plus Field and Anthony don't get to hang out much now that he works offshore.

The weekend of April 23-24, we, Robin, Elliot, Anthony, and I, are going to Destin,Fl for the weekend. Elliot has a soccer tournament down there. We are looking forward to this because this was where we went for our honeymoon! It is a really special place for us!

The next weekend May 1st - 3rd has been changed so many times! First we were doing the poker run, then we were doing a Lay weekend, then the poker run , and now we are going to Grand Junction, CO! Anthony called me last night. He got a paper to go online and do a profile for the CO job. At the end of it, he was told that he would have to go to CO for a test. I am guessing it is a qualification type test. Well since we are going to Destin the weekend before we don't have money to fly or stay in hotels this weekend. So I have planned it so that we will drive the whole way (24 hrs) and camp out along the way and in CO. Anthony LOVED this idea. Not my favorite form of accommodations but we had been talking for a while about taking a camping trip and what better time than now while we still don't have children!
Speaking of children, I got my aunt flo today so in roughly 14 days we can start trying for a little angel! We are very excited about this! Things are changing so much but its all so exciting!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sunday night services!!!!!

Okay I just found out some very disturbing news! I am trying to get my life straight and live for Christ. To do that, I need to be in fellowship with other Christians. Last Sunday when I returned home from my ministry weekend, I wanted to go to church to get fed (spiritually not physically) well there was no one there. Not letting that deter me, I went down the road to the Presbyterian Church. It was the first church I came to.

While I had a free moment to think about it today on lunch, I called the FBC office to ask about the reason behind there not being a service on Sunday night. I was told that at the moment there are no services on Sunday night and would probably not be any. I was just shocked! I instantly asked "Why not?" I was told there was not a large enough interest in it!!! Shocked again! The whole reason (or I assumed) for building a new larger building was to bring more people in. Please tell me how we are going to do that if we do not have a Sunday Service for them to come to? The Sunday night service is a casual atmosphere for people to come be themselves and hear about Christ!!! As if you can tell I am very very upset by this. I wish I knew what to do.

Part of me wants to fight this! Wants to go out and demand they bring back the service and invite everyone even strangers to come. The other part of me says that I can't do that by myself. Could this be something that God is calling me to do? Or is this obstacle put in my way to find another church? I don't know what to do. I really want to go down and talk to the pastor about this but the other part of me is scared. Am I really the one for this job? How do I relay the importance of this to others?