Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Monday Again!

You will probably begin to notice that I only blog during the week. This is for two reasons. The first is I have a lot of free time at work usually (for now anyway) and two is because I am way too busy on the weekends to sit down at the computer. This was one of those long busy weekends.

I took half the day off of work on Friday. My mother-in-law just had to have a Paul's Pastry King Cake. So being the loving daughter-in-law that I am I drove an hour to Picayune to pick it up. Then an hour back to my house to pack all my things for the weekend. I then loose the dog. Ok well not really I let her out of the house off the lease because we were going to the car but I had to lock the door. So after locking the door, I turn around and she is no where to be found. I stay calm for the first 5 min. Then, I start to freak out! Well, I call Robin and she says to look inside maybe she ran in before I could notice. Sure enough there she is. We make very good timing and make it to Tuscaloosa at around 5:30 pm. Lucy is getting better with being at LaLa's and Papa's house. She not quite so hyper and she plays well with Addy now too! She was very sweet and let me hold her with Addy in my lap. Addy would hug her and kiss her! It was really sweet!

Saturday was a lot of fun and kinda relaxing as well. We all slept in which was great! I have been having trouble sleeping this past week. I really think that it has a lot to do with Anthony being gone for so long. But he is coming home this Thursday!!! I am so excited for him to get home. But back to Saturday. Oh yeah Friday, Quinn, Stephen, Anthony, & I gave Coleen her birthday present... A pink Cell Phone!! Saturday, We did some shopping... Well more looking than shopping! Robin took me to downtown Northport and they had the cutest Baby and Antique Shops there. I got some really good ideas of how to decorate my house! When we got finished with that it was time to start cooking the gumbo for Coleen's birthday dinner. After getting supper started Quinn, Robin and I went to get our Corey Smith tickets. We got run out of one parking lot by some crazy gas station attendant. Then when we got to the door at 7:30 they were open. Even though their sign says they open at 7 pm. We wait a few mins then some guy comes and sticks his head out the door. He was definitely on something. He told us we wasn't open yet to come back in about an hour. This is the second attempt. Robin and I went by earlier in the day. Well we return about 10 pm and they are open but not saleing tickets. So Quinn will have to get them today after 5 pm. All we want is tickets to see Corey Smith is that really too much to ask? I guess so!!

Sunday was good also. We did a lot of shopping this weekend. I wanted a fitted dress shirt in red for Anthony for Valentine Day. Coleen, Quinn, Addy & I went to mall in search of this shirt. We ended up getting a couple outfits for the kids, Addy & I trying on lingerie in Victoria
Secret, and Coleen getting her something from Aeropostale. I know you must be thinking Addy in Victoria Secret? Well I wanted to try on this outfit and then once I got it on (Addy was in the dressing room with me) Addy declares "I want to try on!!" Being the soft hearted Aunt Lu-Lu, I let her try in on over her cloths. It was really cute, You know like kids wearing their dad's boots! Anyways she started getting fussy so we decided to leave without the shirt. Quinn said that TJ Max may have one so we pressed our luck and went there. I'm glad we did 'cause I found not only Anthony's V-day present but mine too!!! I had been wanting a Kathy Van Zeeland Belted Shopper Bag but they had been too expensive for me to get. I found them there for $40! A $90 purse for $40!! I was very pleased! Lucy and I didn't do anything once we got home! I was a little sad that I didn't get to talk to Anthony much this weekend. Okay I more than a little but I'll get to talk to him tonight! Plus I get to see him Thursday!! Only 3 more days! I hope he doesn't think he's going to Frisbee Thursday night ;)

This is my V-Day Present from Anthony, even though he doesn't know it yet!!!


  1. Sounds like ya'll had a fun weekend! The King Cake sounds really yummy. Anthony will be here before you know it!

  2. I beg to differ, I did not beg for a king cake! ;) I was tickled to death you offered to go get one though. NOW what I did beg for and you failed to mention were the cannoli's! yum yum!