Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So we had our first vaginal appointment last week. I didn't like it. Jordyn is head down but I have not started thinning yet; so we wait! I was at 35 weeks; gained 3lbs; and 1 cm. Blood pressure was 96/54 and Jordyn's HB was 154. Not much else to report on that. It was a rushed appointment. We did ask about another sonogram but Dr. Kot said there would not be another one unless we had a problem. I have started having contractions but nothing serious.

Anthony went back to Thursday morning. This hitch is harder because I want Ant here with me these last few weeks. He may get to come home for a few days tomorrow. If this storm is projected to enter the gulf Ant will have to come home for a day or two. I am really hoping this happens, I know that's bad but I miss him!

I went this weekend and spent time at the beach with the Davis Family! I enjoyed going and getting to spend time with them but came home early. There isn't much to do at the beach when you are 9 months pregnant. Kinda miserable really. I came home to finish getting things done. I think that the nesting is starting to kick in a little bit.

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