Friday, July 16, 2010

Running out of time!

We have 9 days till Jordyn gets here. I had a doctors appointment this last Tuesday. My cervix is still closed. She said that if there was absolutely no change at my next appointment, this coming Tuesday. Then she would not be able to induce. She said that with the way I have been progressing, we shouldn't have a problem inducing on the 25th. I may just have to go into the hospital the 24th at 8 pm to get my cervix softened and ready for the induction. She will not induce me early if she thinks that it may not work and would end up in a C-section. She wants to avoid that at all cost.

There has been so much that I need to do but I just have not felt like doing it. I've been very emotional, which I'm sure is all the hormones. I have read every pregnancy book I can get my hand on and birth book but I haven't read much about babies. I got a little panicky the other day realizing that I don't know anything about babies. I know basic stuff but I don't know much. She's going to be here in 9 days.

I also feel so alone. Anthony has been working SO much during this pregnancy that I feel like I'm doing it all by myself. Found out today, Robin is probably not going to be here when we come home from the hospital. I've never done this before and there is not going to be anyone around that has. Anthony said that it will be fine he know what to do but he was just a kid when his brother and sister were born. I guess this is what we get for trying to live our own lives without any help from others. I guess like everything else in life I'll just pull up my britches and do it.


  1. Karen....when Jordyn is born those mommy instincts will kick in and you will be able to comfort her and care for her. As far as the basic care things like bathing/dressing/feeding/etc, please be sure to ask your nurses to show you exactly what to do! They are great and should be more than willing to help out a new mommy so that you feel more comfortable going home! I am sure ya'll will be just fine and it will be a special time for just the three of you as you get acquainted. When I had Rosalyn, we came home alone and had no was actually nice to do it by ourselves and get to know our new baby without any distraction. Besides, you did great holding and loving my babies when ya'll were here in May! I am so excited for you!

  2. Karen, Jennifer is soooo right. It will come. And, as far as worrying about "help", keep in mind that sometimes there can be TOO MUCH HELP. Yall will be FINE. I have no doubts about that. This too is part of the pregnancy - the worry -- later, you'll look back and say, geez, why was I so worried?!!!!

  3. I know that you know my heart was broken to have to tell you that I won't be there on Monday when ya'll bring that sweet girl home for the first time. However, this is better. This needs to be you and Anthony. Most important Karen, I KNOW you to can do this. I KNOW that you are going to be a perfect mother. There will be mistakes just like all of us make, but you will be PERFECT. Anthony was just a young boy when Coleen and Ell were born, but he is a very nurturing person. I've watched you with Addy and Isaiah enough to know you are as well. I really really do know that you two are going to be great. Any doubts you are having are from the change that is coming (uncertainty) and not from lack of ability. I can't wait to see you Sunday and to see Jordyn. I love you Lu-Lu!