Monday, March 2, 2009

As if I don't Obsesse enough!!!

Anthony called me last night for our nightly chat. I was really excited to talk to him, because I was in church Saturday night when he called. (I spent the weekend with Nannie) He tells me that the big guy on the Exxon Rig cornered him the other day (Friday I think). He was mainly picking but asked Anthony if he was a spy, an human resource guy sent to see that everything was going okay. Anthony answers back does he look like Exxon HR? Well anyways after the friendly banter Anthony tells the guy that he does have a degree. On Saturday, the guy calls Anthony into his office and asks him what type of degree does he have. Anthony tells him a BSBA. The guys asks if he would want a job working for Exxon that hire even in times like this. He also asked if Anthony would be willing to move to Colorado! The guys told him he would be making about triple what he is now. I immediately told him "YES!! TAKE IT!!" Of course that was when the excitement of moving to a new place sounded good! Anthony didn't ask any questions cause he's Anthony but he is talking to him again today. I am waiting on Anthony to call me back and tell me whether or not this guy was serious or not.
On one hand, I really hope he was because this is exactly the break we needed to get ahead. On the other hand I will be 20hrs away from any family at all! I am very family oriented. I believe that a child is to be brought up not only by the parents but extended family as well. Aunts, Uncles, Cousin all of it. I have never live more than 1 hr & half from my Nannie! The thought of moving to AL was okay cause at least it was the next town over. This would be a new culture climate (I HATE cold weather) and everything. I know that if this works out then this is where God wants us and he was provide that family atmosphere around me there but its still going to be hard to pack up all our things and move somewhere we have never even visited!! And of course I have obsessed over the housing over there and all that. I just don't know. I just needed to tell someone!


  1. I think this job sounds like a great, God-given, opportunity for Anthony. He should take it :)

  2. QUIT OBSESSING! NOW! If this job works out it is the chance of a lifetime for Ant to prove all of his ambitions and make a life for ya'll that he most likely can't in MS. I don't want ya'll to move away from me, but IT WILL BE OKAY! All things are good remember. It never was that Anthony is perfect. It is that he is blessed! Remember that!