Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Got the Go Ahead!!!

First of all let me thank Tonya for recommending Dr. Kot to me. I absolutely love her!!!

Okay, So I had my Dr. appointment today. It was scheduled for 10 and I think I got out about 11:30 so it was not that long of a wait. I really couldn't wait to tell you guys about it. I went in knowing that there were some blood test I wanted done for blood clotting disorders. I told her that the progesterone was low with the last pregnancy. We (well she) decided that we would do the blood test I wanted. She did not give me any hesitation on it!!! Which I was surprised about. She came in to talk to me before the exam, which I liked. She didn't rush through and asked me several times was there anything else I was concerned about. She was very reassuring. She did say that even with the test and the progesterone that I may miscarry again. She said not to give up hope or faith that it may take several pregnancies but that I will have a child one day. She said I was perfectly healthy and did not see a problem with me carrying a child to term. I know that right now we can not tell for sure why or whatever cause my last two miscarriages. She is giving me the "try again and see what happens" approach but she is also doing the testing that I wanted. She wants me to continue with my vitamins and start on a baby aspirin. When I get a positive on a home pregnancy test I am to call her immediately and start taking the progesterone that I was on before when I was pregnant. She is giving me a 200mg prescription of it so maybe that will help the baby stick!!! Anthony has missed this months cycle but he will be home for my April cycle. You guys will probably know before anyone else when we get pregnant. I do not want everyone knowing until the 12 week mark. I don't want to call and tell people that it has happened again. But please be praying for us. I am very excited about this but at the same time I am a little nervous and scared. Thank you all for all your wonderful words of encouragement! Love you guys!!


  1. I am SOOOO glad you like her! Kinda makes me sad, because I miss her so much and I wish she could be there every step of the way through this pregnancy! I'm also very excited for yall!! I'll be praying for you....and a future healthy pregnancy :)

  2. Thats great that your visit went so well...it sounds like your OB is really committed to helping you get pregnant and stay pregnant. I am glad she started you on the baby aspirin and progesterone...hoping that will make a difference! I took the same dose of progesterone with Rosalyn through the first trimester...it can have some unpleasant side effects, but obviously the end result is more than worth it.

  3. Just thought you might should check out this blog.. I didn't read it all word for word, but talks about home births.. so thought you might be interested!