Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cribs and such

Okay so I know I just posted a blog but this is totally a different subject! Much happier!! So while I was in AL this weekend, I went on my own looking for baby furniture! I really just wanted to see what was out there for babies now. I do like convertable cribs but don't really plan to convert it for a while, but we all know how my plans go!! haha Anyways the thing I don't like about convertable cribs is the fact that they don't let down in the front. I know this is okay for normal height mothers but come on I am SHORT!!! They come above my waist and even at the highest setting I still have to stand on my toes. I don't feel comfortable doing that and the babies I usually put in them end up waking up because I'm too short to put them in the crib right. There have been so many recalls on drop front cribs that most people are not caring them anymore. :( Sooo, I have found a new type of crib!!! It is called a drop-gate crib. This is where about 6-9 inches for the front panel will let down. It is secured with metal latches so the baby can not undo it or push down or push it in any way. This helps me because then once it is down it comes a few inches below my hips!!

This is the one that I am looking at but of course Anthony needs to look at it too and then price check around!

This is the changing station! I love this piece!

Anthony gets home this Thursday and we are going to go to Jackson Saturday and look at baby's r us and the play pen there to see what we can afford and like.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE that changing station! and, yes, the convertible crib is the way to go... we are planning on converting our children's cribs as they grow and using it as well as the other furniture until they move out of the house! great investment. can't go wrong there.