Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2nd Dr. Appointment!

So today's appointment went well. It was a short visit. She just went over my list of questions and concerns and got the heartbeat. I had not gained any weight since the last appointment, which she said was okay at this point, my blood pressure was 98/63, and the baby's heartbeat was 166. She had some trouble finding it, little bean was hiding!!, but got it once she pressed on my belly. She told us that next appointment we would have an ultrasound and try to see what the baby is.

She wanted to do the ultrasound then right after the appointment. We had some problems with this because when Anthony gets home it would be 5 weeks since my last appointment and Dr. Kot will be out all that week. So that would push it to the next week, but I was not comfortable waiting 6 weeks between appointments. I was almost a nervous wreck waiting 5 I knew I could not wait 6 weeks. So Anthony and I came home and talked about it. It was not the fact that I didn't want Ant there, because I do. But I felt that the most important thing was the health of the baby opposed to our feeling or anything else. We did work out a compromise though. I will have my office appointment on March 10th with Dr. Kot. Then on March 15th, we will have the ultrasound done so that Ant could be there. I will post pictures and the video, if I can figure that out, after the next appointment.

Other news, not much is going on. I am still going to school and trying to keep up with all the assignments. Anthony is still working offshore and loving it! I will get a break from school coming soon!!! Next week, Mon & Tues, is Mardi Gras break! Not that I will be enjoying the festivities but I will be enjoying my break. Still not sure what I will be doing though. I think I will head to AL and deliver some Valentine Happys to my favorite two people!!!

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