Thursday, January 22, 2009

Starting Again

I started keeping a blog because I thought that it would be an easy way to keep family updated on my pregnancy. However, after losing both pregnancies, I stopped blogging. I wanted to start again just to keep everyone updated on how are family is doing.

Since July, not a lot has happened really now that I think about it. We got settled into our house. We got a room mate until last month. Long story but short version is BIG MISTAKE! In November, Anthony started working for an offshore company called Sodexo. He is working in the galleys and kitchen. He is now being nominated for a promotion!! We are excited about that. We also got a puppy. We got her from the shelter. She is a mix of Pug & Boston Terrier. We named her Lucy Lou Webb!!! When we got her she weighed around 3 lbs and she is now up to 9lbs! She has the most beautiful blue eyes! She is completely brindle with one little patch of white on her chest. I just love her to death!

This is right after we got her! I miss how small she was!!

This her in her sweater at Thanksgiving!

This was just the other night! Look how big she is now!

So I guess we are up to recent new now! Anthony will be home from his second hitch on Jan. 29th. He will have been gone for 6 weeks when he gets home! I miss him terribly. This hitch has been the hardest because I have not seen him since Dec. 17th.

We are planning to start our baby journey next month. Anthony will be able to sign up for health insurance starting Feb 1st. We will then make an appointment with an OBGYN in here in Hattiesburg for a preconception visit. At that time, We will let her know we have had to pregnancy that did not come to term and see what she wants to do from there. I am not completely comfortable with the lets try again and see if you miscarry again but If she thinks that is best we will do that. If not I guess we will begin fertility testing to see why I didn't carry the pregnancies. I'll be keeping you all posted about all that. I am just hoping for the best.

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  1. Lucy is so adorable! I know you can't wait to see Anthony on the 29th. Less than a week now!!