Thursday, May 20, 2010

29 wk appointment

So I had my first two week appointment yesterday. Everything looked good! My weight is 141 lbs up 2 lbs from last week for a total of 10 lbs gained. Blood pressure was 104/61 which is up a little from my norm but not out of the norm range. Jordyn's HB was 156 and I measured 29 cm so I gained a 1 cm from last time. Jordyn has been passing all her kick counts at night. She usually passed within 30 min of me eating and she has a two hour window. She is very active! I've been taking my iron supplement and vitamins but I am still tired all the time. I still get out of breath just doing light housework. I hope that as my iron levels increase that will get better. I got all Jordyn's shower gifts laid out. There are pictures below. We go on Monday to have the 4D sonogram done!

Anthony comes home today!!! We are going to get the house more baby friendly while he is home this time. We are going to give Jordyn room in the kitchen and bathroom!!! It kinda feels like we are getting a new roommate, except this one will be here for at least 18 years!!!

My Aunt Nancy brought bags of baby clothes that her daughter in law didn't want and this is what is left after we went through all them. This is sizes 0-9months. We won't NEED any clothes for a while but we may wants some! ;)

The next ones are all the things that we got from the shower @ my family shower!

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