Sunday, April 25, 2010

Painting The Nursery!

Here are some pictures of the nursery.

All the walls are white with Green trim on the windows baseboards and door frames. The wall behind the crib is pink. We were going to do darker pink stripes on that wall too but we had an accident.
Field and Keri helped a lot deciding on colors and how to paint it. I may have let them make some decision I should have been making, but I was so happy to finally have an idea of how to paint it. We got all the supplies Friday night. Saturday morning about 11 o'clock they showed up and we got started. I really didn't paint that much till it came to the trim. We painted the pink wall first so we could let it dry before taping off and doing the stripes. About 8 or 9 pm we had all the walls painted with only two breaks. Keri and I got started on the trim of the windows while Field measured the strips. The next thing we here is "OH S***!!!" Field had ripped about 9 in. of paint and paper off the wall when he pulled tape off. The wall had painted wallpaper that we painted over again. So it really wasn't too much of his fault. As we are brain storming how to fix it, I start painting over it with white paint. Field wanted to pull all the paper down and repaint the entire wall again. Which would be the correct way to fix it. I however just wanted to get all this done. I told him to forget about the stripes cause we don't want it happening again. We will paint it as best as we can and then hang a picture over it! And that is what we are going to do!!! So it is a nice funny story to tell Jordyn later or put in her baby book! I still have some decorating to do because I don't like just plain white walls but I am going to wait and MAKE Anthony help me with that! I am thinking of painting flowers and butterflies and girly bugs on the wall with the windows since there will not be furniture on that wall. What do you think?

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  1. I like the butterflies/girly stuff idea... have you checked out those trendy wall stickers? those would be quick, and easy, AND easily removable if/when she out-grows the theme or wants to change the decor/rearrange the room, etc. Also, the stickers could help with that little "Ooops" you had with the painters tape. The decals are really cool and hardly detectable as a "sticker". I like this site: Good luck - looking GREAT so far!