Monday, April 12, 2010

Better late than never!!

I never have really liked that statement but oh well! Sorry that it has been so long since I updated! I have been really busy with school! Its almost over though!! I am now 24 weeks along in my pregnancy. Everything has been going really well lately. No aches and pain just normal feeling. I am finally starting to show a little bit now. The Dr. was able to measure me this last time and I am right on track! I have only gained 2lb total and that was the month before last. The dr. is not concerned, in fact she said I would probably gain all my weight at the end!! I have given up on the clothe diapering idea at least for this baby. I will just be too busy to wash diapers and disposables are okay. I forgot that since my last post we found out what we are having. Although, I am sure most of you know already because of Facebook. We are having a girl, Jordyn Elizabeth! We are very excited. The last time Ant was home he got the crib and dresser/changing station. Once we get the room complete, I will post pics. Below are some of our recent photos.

This is Jordyn Elizabeth Webb

I was going to post some belly pictures but they are all on my phone. I will post those later. There really isn't much to see anyway. I got back on the 5th of May for my op and glucose test. The 24th of May, I will have the 4D sonogram done. I hope that Anthony will be able to be home with me for it.

Speaking of Anthony, He has been having some trouble with his relief, Dave, at work the last few months. Dave has continued to need more time at home which has put Anthony coming home later than he is suppose to. Now Dave is needing a few weeks to be off with his family. It is a legit reason but it puts Anthony in a bad spot because he is now having to work more. He will come home the end of this week for a week then leave back out. He may end up working 3-4 weeks before he get to come home again. It all depends on when/if Dave come back to work. Just be praying that this all gets worked out before Jordyn gets here. Although Anthony is legally able to take off and will, Anthony would feel bad the whole time home cause he is leaving the guys he works with in a jam. Please also pray that I don't go crazy before then from not seeing my husband! haha


  1. ok, I find it absolutely hillarious that the first song on your playlist starts with "I'm coming out so you better get the party started in here!" ha ha...... and then there is a mention of a Saturday night, so who wants to start betting on the day of Jordyn's arrival!????
    I cannot wait to hold that sweet girl!

  2. It was so good to see you at Nannie's the other day. I was like you...gained very little weight until the last three months, then I gained lots of belly weight. Can't wait for your little one to get here. Take care!