Wednesday, April 8, 2009

rush, rush, rush!

I knew that the next month and half was going to be a busy one I just didn't realize how busy! I am preparing for Anthony to get home all the while trying to plan all our trips that have popped up. So many things are getting changed around and I am so stressed!

I was suppose to go to the Strawberry Festival last weekend but a Frisbee Tournament came up so that got canceled. I also learned last week, that Stephen and Quinn were spending Easter with the Davis' at the beach. So I went to AL last weekend to do Easter. After a very tiring weekend, I came home and have been resting.

This weekend, I am going to spend some me time at the house working on my yard! I am going to Bogue Chitto on Sunday to see Nannie and whatever other family I can see. Maybe this will giving me some time to get ready for the next three weeks with Anthony home. Whenever he is home, I don't get much rest because it is always go, go, go.

Anthony is getting home April 16th. He was going to go straight to Granddaddy's and I was going to meet him on Friday the 17th. Our friend, Field, is having a crawfish boil at his river house that weekend to get help moving some furniture. I got Anthony to agree to go! It is always fun when we go out there. Plus Field and Anthony don't get to hang out much now that he works offshore.

The weekend of April 23-24, we, Robin, Elliot, Anthony, and I, are going to Destin,Fl for the weekend. Elliot has a soccer tournament down there. We are looking forward to this because this was where we went for our honeymoon! It is a really special place for us!

The next weekend May 1st - 3rd has been changed so many times! First we were doing the poker run, then we were doing a Lay weekend, then the poker run , and now we are going to Grand Junction, CO! Anthony called me last night. He got a paper to go online and do a profile for the CO job. At the end of it, he was told that he would have to go to CO for a test. I am guessing it is a qualification type test. Well since we are going to Destin the weekend before we don't have money to fly or stay in hotels this weekend. So I have planned it so that we will drive the whole way (24 hrs) and camp out along the way and in CO. Anthony LOVED this idea. Not my favorite form of accommodations but we had been talking for a while about taking a camping trip and what better time than now while we still don't have children!
Speaking of children, I got my aunt flo today so in roughly 14 days we can start trying for a little angel! We are very excited about this! Things are changing so much but its all so exciting!

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