Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So I knew what I was getting into when we got Lucy. But to my defense, I had not had a dog in 4 years and I forgot about all the chewing and hyperness they brought with them. I was remembering our 10 year old dog that was so content to lay in your lap. Not our 1 year old that wouldn't leave you alone. Our dogs as kids did have more room to roam and play and weren't kept inside all day with no one to play with. Lucy must be finishing teething because it seems like she is chewing and eating on everything! I have banned her from the sunroom because she tore the carpet up one night last week. She got mad because I put her to bed at 8. Well I was sick and didn't want to put her in the kennel so early in the night after being in it all day. She also chewed through a wire in one of the lights for the fish aquarium. She has been staying in her kennel in the dinning room. Last night she cried every two hours, that really high pitch cry. I know she is miss behaving like this because she is bored. Oh she also was eating a dollar bill that was on the coffee table. we got it away from her and was going to put it back together after it dried. Before it could dry, she at the corner that she had torn off earlier. I put the money up in my purse. My purse was on the floor and I never expected her to go in my purse. She did she went in my purse got another dollar bill and ate nearly all of it while I was in the shower this morning. I really don't know what to do with her. We don't have a fence so I can't let her outside during the day. Andrea has offered to let me bring her over in the mornings and play with their dog. There is also a doggie daycare here that is $15 a day. I was thinking I may do that twice a week. I really don't know what to do. I know she is not getting enough exercise. The easy and cop out thing the to do is take her back to the shelter but I don't want to do that. I already love her and would miss her greatly. She's just so aggravating!!! Any advice?

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