Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm on Twitter!

Hi All! I hope everyone is doing well! I am loving this summer time weather. I have been hearing everyone talk about this twitter thing and decided to give it a try! Not sure yet what all there is to do on it but I will learn!

Anthony has gone back to work for a week now. He will get back home June 4, 2009. It seems like every other time that he leaves, I get real clingy feeling. I don't want to be alone or at the house much. I have been hanging out with friends more this week that he has been gone. I just have not wanted to be by myself. I have changed my hair color again! I would post pictures but my husband took my camera with him. He also did not fix the lawn mower this time he was home!! I was a little aggravated at him for that because our lawn is the worst one in the neighborhood! I am over it now though. He did get a lot done this time he was home so I was not upset long. I am getting one of the neighbor kids to do it Sunday for me. Anthony did not like that idea but I told him if he had fixed the lawn mower I would not have to pay someone to cut it. Then again it could just be me! HA HA I never was good at cranking a push mower or gas weedeater. That is why the last time he was gone, I bought a electric weedeater!!! I cleaned house yesterday! It really needed it.

My cousin Amie is still staying with us. Not sure how long she will be with us but I don't mind her being here. She is respectful and helpful. She is going to vacum today for me and she washed towels the other day. She does my hair for free too so that is a big plus! We are cooking fish and fries tonight!! I'm going to try and get some hushpuppies from a deli here! They are so good. Some friends are coming over and we're just going to hangout!

Anyways! If you want to check out twitter and follow me my username is LuLu0706!

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